The tracking system

Connecting the farmers in the most remote areas allowing them to track by themselves the growth of crops and working with as little connectivity as possible

The Hardware, designed specifically for the varied climates in Colombia, looks to be sturdy, wieldable and appropriate to be used as a learning tool for children and a work tool for the adults

The Software integrates with the Hardware, making the use of it a bliss, and allowing background updates and data synchronisation, freeing the farmer from the burden of learning how to use new systems



The administrative system

Allows the community to come together to tackle the challenge of high-scale food production

Powerful analytics allow administrators to view results from country wide scale, to individual farmers

A suite of tools connects the knowledge of technical advisors directly to the farmer’s family, improving their quality of life



The marketplace for all things agro

We will connect all incumbents allowing truckers to find cargo, buyers to find products, farmers to find veterinarians, investors to fund projects, researchers to find data, among many others